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WFSA tutorial 341 - Diagnosis and management of heat stroke (15.11.2016)

WFSA tutorial 340 - Air Embolism and Anaesthesias (25.10.2016)

WFSA tutorial 337 - Patient Safety Update:
                                 gastric aspiration, access to care,corneal abrasions (20.09.2016)

WFSA tutorial 336 - Management of the Obstructed Airway (16.08.2016)

                                  Insertion & Perioperative Considerations (02.08.2016)

WFSA tutorial 334 - Epidural Anaesthesia in Children (19.07.2016)

WFSA tutorial 333 - Breathing Systems in Anaesthesia (05.07.2016)

WFSA tutorial 332 - An Overview of Sugammadex (07.06.2016)

WFSA tutorial 331 - Rapid Sequence Induction (24.05.2016)

WFSA tutorial 330 - Physiological effects of transfer for critically ill patients (04.05.2016)

WFSA tutorial 329 - Learning from the MBRRACE Maternal Mortality Report UK (20.04.2016)

WFSA tutorial 327 - Perioperative Insulin Management (18.03.2016)

WFSA tutorial 324 - An update on Perioperative Anaphylaxis (18.01.2016)

Statement on Off-label use of medicines by anaesthesiologists (11.04.2016)

Give the gift of safe anaesthesia this festive 


Support our Fund A Fellow campaign! By giving what you can, you will enable more anaesthesiologists from lower income countries to access training, and improve outcomes for thousands of patients around the world.

Whether big or small, your support will directly help to fund each fellow's education and training. So please donate today.

Interested in other ways of helping Fund A Fellow?

Talk to your department about hosting a fundraising event. Whether a bake sale, a raffle, or simply a donation box, the proceeds will go towards vital training. You can set up a MyDonate page to collect online donations or support the campaign directly through our website.

- Shopping online? Retailers will give us a donation (at no cost to you) when you buy gifts online via Give as you Live (UK stores only, including M&S, John Lewis & more)!

Happy World Anaesthesia Day!


Dear Friends of the WFSA, 

Today is World Anaesthesia Day, a day of unity among the global anaesthesia community and the day the WFSA will launch SAFETY: Safe Anaesthesia For Everybody - TodaY, a campaign raising awareness about the importance of safe anaesthesia and surgical care.

There are 5 billion people in the world today who do not have access to safe and affordable anaesthesia and surgery when needed. Safety is a vital part of strengthening anaesthesia and surgical care. Access on its own is not enough given the huge impact of unsafe surgery on individuals, communities and societies.

With this in mind, the WFSA is using World Anaesthesia Day to launch a the SAFETY Campaign on social media. We are asking our members and supporters to print this banner, write their location, take a photograph and post it on social media.

There are already hundreds of anaesthesia providers and medical staff taking part, see there photos here!

We will follow the hashtags #WorldAnaesthesiaDay and #SAFETY as anaesthesia practitioners unite around the world!

For more information on the campaign, please visit our advocacy page.

Dear Friends of the WFSA,

It's our 60th anniversary!

Welcome to the 5th and final edition of the WFSA 60th Anniversary Newsletter. We would like to sincerely thank everyone who has been reading our newsletters, blogs, and engaging with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Our successes over the past 60 years simply would not have been possible without the hard work and enthusiasm of our Member Societies across the world, and so again we must say thank you to all of our supporters and those who give their time to help us work to fulfill our vision and mission.

Dr Bisola Onajin-Obembe, Chair of the WFSA's African Regional Section, spoke to us about what the WFSA means to her and the impact she believes we can have in the future (apologies for the sound quality, this is the first of a series of short films that will improve with experience).

Please continue to read our blog ( for inspiring stories of anaesthesia in action, WFSA activities globally, and any major updates in anaesthesia and global health. If you have a story you would like to see featured in our blog please email Niki at 
Anaesthesia in the news!

'What Brewing Coffee Can Teach Us About Modeling Anesthesia,' Science 2.0
'Will Anesthesiologists be Replaced by a Machine?', Medscape
'Rwandan Anaesthesiologist Wins International Award,' All Africa
'First Day After Surgery Indicates Chance for Chronic Pain Later,' Anesthesiology News
'Ukraine Crisis: Humanitarian Workers Flee from East of the Country,' The Independent
'Sri Lankan Anesthesiologist Wins Prestigious WFSA Innovation Award,'


We are delighted to be seeking nominations for the WFSA Service Awards. Awards will be given in two categories; for those who have made a contribution to anaesthesia, and those who provided exceptional service in another capacity to the WFSA. For more information click here.

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